About Loyalty Group

Market leader in customer loyalty

We have more than 25 years of experience in analyzing and developing customer loyalty in virtually all types of industries. Over the years, we have implemented more than 400 projects in more than 33 countries.

Our level of experience makes us one of Scandinavia’s leading consultancies with a focus on customer loyalty development, and we are not afraid to call ourselves experts in the field.


Developing customer loyalty increases revenue

Why spend time developing your customers’ loyalty? Simply because it’s worth doing it. Loyal customers will:

  • devote a larger share of wallet to your company’s offerings
  • remain with your company for an extended period of time
  • recommend you to other potential customers, thereby also lowering your customer acquisition costs
  • be less sensitive to price increases
  • be easier and cheaper to handle and service

We have multiple concrete cases showing developing customer loyalty pays off on the bottom line.


From customer analyses to increased customer loyalty

At the fundamental level, developing customer loyalty requires customer knowledge. Your company may already conduct customer analyses but do you ask the right questions and do you use the answers optimally? We work to ensure that your have the right knowledge about your customers and help you make the decisive step from data to action. Customer knowledge has no real value until it is transformed into concrete actions in your company – actions that affect the customer loyalty and earnings directly.

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