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Our solutions are hallmarked by the perfect pairing of customer insight and consulting. We deliver the insights you need about your customers and advise you on how to apply them actively in optimising your customers’ experience and loyalty.

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers are where the money is. Which makes it critical for your company to gain the right customer insights so that key initiatives can be prioritised and implemented to ensure profitable customer centricity going forward.

Motivating management

The key to customer loyalty is senior management’s commitment. All too often, management sees customer centricity as ‘nice-to-have’ – but that is a mistake. The fact is, investing in customers is worth real money. Customer centricity has to be a company-wide commitment. And it starts at the top with senior management.

Project scoping

Achieving your goals is a non-starter without knowing the way to go. Before your company embarks on its customer centricity project, you’ll need a scoping project to define your goals and how best attain to them.

Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter Score is easy to understand – and familiar to most employees. The score is a simple number that can go either up or down. The concept is easy to communicate in-house, enables benchmarking against other organisations and is often used as a target metric for placing loyalty on the agenda. However, Net Promoter Score should not be used indiscriminately.

Customer Journey Mapping

Not all touchpoints with your customers are equally important. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) creates structure, provides insights into the customer journey and ensures that your company has the best basis for achieving profitable customer relationships.

Customer Centricity Maturity Assessment

Employees can accomplish far more if their company gives them the scope to do so. The CCMA survey identifies the factors that deter employees from engaging fully in customer centricity and gives management a ranked list of key action areas to address those factors.