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What’s stopping your organisation from becoming truly customer centric?

An organisation is never as customer centric as its management likes to think. And that costs on the bottom line.

A customer-centric business is more profitable than a self-centred one. But even if management has placed customer centricity high on the agenda, the reality may well be another story. They know that on the floor.

The CCMA survey reveals what it will take for your organisation to become just as customer centric as it thinks it is. And there’s money to be made from that.

Hold a mirror up to your company

The employees are the ones in daily contact with customers. Which is why they know most about the barriers to becoming truly customer centric. The CCMA survey therefore starts with a questionnaire completed by all relevant employees in your organisation.

The survey uncovers, through a series of questions, in four dimensions (“Willing”, “Skilled”, “Able” and “Aligned”), the employees’ barriers for maximum customer centricity.

Having helped you identify your barriers – and there may be several – you will be able to take a structured approach to becoming a more customer-centric company.

How to become a truly customer-centric company

The CCMA survey is the first of several steps on the journey towards becoming a truly customer-centric company. We usually work to a three-step model:

  • Analysis and reporting of data. Giving management access to data at departmental level
  • Management workshop. Helping you identify and prioritise your main action areas
  • Employee workshop. Inspiring employees to become more customer centric and claim ownership of the process.

The bottom line: Contact us!

As many as 84% of managers in European companies do not believe that they get the optimal value from their efforts for increased customer orientation (Customerfit benchmark data). If you can feel the doubt too, there is probably something about it.

Contact us on telephone +45 7025 2627. Then you have already taken the first step to do something about it.

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