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Customer Journey Mapping – we guide you to the right structure

Customer Journey Mapping creates structure, gives you insights into the customer journey and ensures that your company gains the best basis for achieving valuable and profitable customer relationships.

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) will be a valuable tool for the vast majority of companies looking to tailor and target an enhanced customer experience. All unmet customer needs, overlooked selection criteria, customer pain points, inefficient workflows, failure to focus on key drivers and failure to assign responsibilities will come to light and provide an opportunity for realigning the current journey and implementing proactive measures. With CJM, the company gains a platform for an improvement plan for the implicated influencing factors in the customer journey, in personal interaction with customers as well as in the company’s back office functions.

Customer Journey Mapping provides valuable insights

The motivation for undertaking CJM should obviously be to achieve improved customer loyalty, customer retention, add-on sales and customer referrals. All of these are attainable provided that the customer journey is mapped, optimised and all implicated employees are trained, and, not least, motivated for these goals.

Loyalty Group typically facilitates and runs a CJM project, since, although customer insights exist in the organisation, consolidating them in an organisation-wide customer-centric project can be complex. Loyalty Group bases the project on a pre-defined framework, which is adjusted in line with the company’s challenges, level of ambition and hence the goal for the Customer Journey Mapping. The aim, in terms of time-invested, is for the organisation’s staff only to be brought on aboard where they can provide useful insights, so that the organisation is not disrupted by having to set aside other projects and tasks, and instead sees its participation as an opportunity to be heard and contribute to the bigger picture. The value of centring the project around your staff is that, aside from their actual inputs, everyone involved will understand the value, claim ownership of the current situation and back the project to achieve true change.

It is important to emphasise that CJM will not be transformational in itself. The crucial changes come from all the activities undertaken on the basis of the CJM structure and the insights it provides. The CJM knowledge platform is crucial for the resulting output, which is a change proposal in the form of an itemised action plan. One typical pitfall is when a company believes that it has established a full Customer Journey Map solely because it has mapped its touchpoints.

The CJM project should be revisited and adjusted at regular intervals and ad hoc to reflect significant changes within or outside the organisation.

With its Customer Journey Map, the organisation will have gained a means of uniting the entire commercial customer experience in a framework with a common direction for the organisation, where the classic silos that are irrelevant to the customer have been torn down.

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