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Loyalty Group

Since 2016 Bayern AutoGroup has worked in depth with Loyalty Group and the AutoIndex results in the ONE BMW family. More specifically, Bayern AutoGroup has had a specified AutoIndex analysis prepared each year for its own customers on store level.
The work has resulted in changed business procedures, updated guidelines and a general optimization of Bayern AutoGroup. The result is indisputable – Increased customer satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction and increased earnings at Bayern AutoGroup.

CEO & Director Aftermarket, Bayern AutoGroup


Mikkel and his team at Loyalty Group is a strong counterpart in customer satisfaction: Challenging us, bringing strong advices, capitalizing on fine-tuned industry benchmarks in order to make us stronger and more efficient. Working with Loyalty Group is a big step ahead for all of us!

CEO, BMW Norway

For Toyota Denmark, Loyalty Group’s annual AutoIndex results are probably the most important supplement to customer satisfaction analyzes and VoC. The study provides a detailed insight into the customers’ experience with our products and services, and gives us new knowledge and theses to work on. Therefore, the results are presented and shared with a large part of the organization, from top management to specialist level, as we all work to improve
the customer journey and develop the business.

 Senior Specialist, Toyota Denmark A/S