Specialists in customer loyalty

We help businesses maximise revenue by boosting customer loyalty.
And we’ve been doing so for more than 25 years.

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Solid erfaring

Real-world experience

We have been helping businesses to translate customer insights into increased revenue ever since the first websites went live. With more than 25 years of real-world experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we are confident in our claim of being experts in customer centricity.
Rådgivning pba viden

Evidence-based consulting

Experience is not enough when making business critical decisions. Hard facts win every argument! This is why one of our prime tasks is the fact-finding you need for informed decision-making about your customers and business.
Fra viden til resultater

From insights to results

Customer intelligence has no value until it is translated into visible actions and measurable results for your business. We help you prioritise the most value-creating drives and quantify your gains from increased customer centricity.
360º forretningsfokus

360º business focus

A successful customer-centric approach requires tearing down silos and confronting norms. We focus on the all-round facets of the customer experience and equip both management and staff to make the crucial difference in your customer touchpoints.

At Lexus we see great value in the detailed market insight that AutoIndex gives us.
Both the results of the survey and the professional competence of the Loyalty Group consultants are highly valued by both us and our dealers.
Results and the accompanying advisory from Loyalty Group are used in both strategy development, marketing and dealer development."

- Jan Christian Holm, General Manager, Lexus Norway (2022)

The commitment shown by our Loyalty Group contacts is impressive, and it goes without saying that they are passionate about communicating their findings and recommendations. This is highly contagious and makes it easy for us to gather cross functional groups for work meetings, which is something many people really look forward to.
In executing of their work, Loyalty Group is an extremely professional partner, also in the more formal matters."

- Per Christian Huse, Marketing Manager, Toyota Norge (2021)

Loyalty Group has a lot of knowledge about how successful sales processes and customer journeys build loyalty over time. This gives us a very good basis for how we can develop in relevant areas and forms the basis for our further improvement work in the organization.
Based on our many years of collaboration, I can only give the AutoIndex study and the Loyalty Group consultants my very best recommendations."

- Jan Christian Holm, General Manager, Lexus Norway (2021)

Loyalty Group has helped our organization to recognize our shortcomings and thus motivate us to do something about it.
Working with Loyalty Group can sometimes be a bit challenging because Loyalty Group's approach is very direct. It can at first sight be perceived as an attack on our current working methods. After several years of collaboration, however, the conclusion is that this approach is solely due to Loyalty Group's sincere passion to create the best customer experience for our customers."

- Troels Nielsen, COO and Michael Rasmussen, Director of Sales - Jan Nygaard A/S (2021)

Since 2016 Bayern AutoGroup has worked in depth with Loyalty Group and the AutoIndex results in the ONE BMW family. More specifically, Bayern AutoGroup has had a specified AutoIndex analysis prepared each year for its own customers on store level.
The work has resulted in changed business procedures, updated guidelines and a general optimization of Bayern AutoGroup. The result is indisputable - Increased customer satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction and increased earnings at Bayern AutoGroup."

- Søren Vinderslev, CEO, Bayern AutoGroup (2021)

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers are the key to growth. That makes it critical for your company to have a clear customer loyalty strategy. Let Loyalty Group help you.

Motivating management

The key to start your journey with customer loyalty is motivating management. All too often, it is seen as ‘nice-to-have’ – that is a mistake.

Project scoping

Before your company embarks on its customer centricity project, you’ll need a scoping project to define your goals and how to attain to them.

Net Promoter Score®

We are experts on NPS measurements and we always strive to help you get the best possible results from your Net Promoter Score System.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) creates structure, provides insight and ensures that you have the best basis for achieving good customer relationships.

Customer Centricity Maturity Assessment

What is keeping your employees from engaging fully in customer centricity? Employees can accomplish far more if you give them the scope to do so.