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Focus on Scandinavian car owners’ loyalty

AutoIndex™ is the largest and most comprehensive of Loyalty Groups’ industry index surveys, with more than 50.000 responses annually. This survey reveals private car owner experiences and satisfaction with their vehicle, car dealership, and servicing garage.

Since 2003 a large number of Scandinavian car importers have used AutoIndex™ as a tool for monitoring customer experiences and benchmarking their performance against their competitors.

AutoIndex 2022 results

BMW gains the top ranking in AutoIndex 2022 in Denmark, with Toyota placing second. Volvo claims the last place on the podium in Denmark. The results are based on 21,603 Danish car owners’ experiences and attitudes.

The total result of AutoIndex 2022 in Sweden has been published

Toyota wins AutoIndex 2022 in Sweden, while Honda takes second place.

Tesla participates for the first time in AutoIndex Sweden, the car manufacturer moves directly into the survey’s last podium place.

The results are calculated based on the experiences and attitudes of more than 16.000 Swedish car owners.

The remaining results will follow during 2022.

Both the total result, and the loyalty result of AutoIndex 2022 in Norway, has been published

Lexus wins, for the 11th year in a row, AutoIndex 2022 in Norway. Both Toyota and BMW retain their rankings from 2021, in second and third place.

Loyalty to the car brand

Lexus and Toyota also maintain their rankings, as number one and two, on the loyalty podium. BMW has placed third.

The results are calculated based on the experiences and attitudes of more than 13.000 Norwegian car owners.

The remaining Norwegian results will follow during 2022.

About AutoIndex

The AutoIndex survey consists of more than 200 questionnaire items in which private car owners report on their car ownership in four dimensions. The car itself (the product), their overall loyalty to the car brand, the car dealer (purchase experience), and garage (car servicing).

Total result and results from the four categories in AutoIndex™

Click on each category to see the results from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Denmark Norway Sweden
1. BMW 1. Lexus 1. Toyota
2. Toyota 2. Toyota 2. Honda
3. Volvo 3. BMW 3. Tesla

(Total result)

Denmark Norway Sweden
1. BMW 1. Lexus 1. Tesla
2. Volvo 2. Toyota 2. BMW
3. Mercedes-Benz 3. BMW 3. Toyota

(Car and driving characteristics)

Denmark Norway Sweden
1. BMW 1. Lexus 1. Tesla
2. Mercedes-Benz 2. Toyota 2. Mercedes-Benz
3. Tesla 3. BMW 3. Toyota

(Loyalty to the car brand)

Denmark Norway Sweden
1. Toyota 1. Lexus 1. Toyota
2. Suzuki 2. Toyota 2. Honda
3. Volvo 3. Mazda 3. Dacia

(Experiences when buying a car)

Denmark Norway Sweden
1. Toyota 1. Lexus 1. Honda
2. Suzuki 2. Toyota 2. Toyota
3. Hyundai 3. Volvo 3. Dacia

(Car service at workshop)

The AutoIndex study is considered a unique and valuable supplement to the types of Customer Satisfaction surveys that we perform ourselves. I have personally worked with Loyalty Group in both my current and my previous job (President, Toyota Norway) and to sum it up, I am happy to recommend both Loyalty Group and the AutoIndex study to other NSC’s.”

– Alar Metsson, President, Toyota Denmark A/S (2021)

At Lexus we see great value in the detailed market insight that AutoIndex gives us.
Both the results of the survey and the professional competence of the Loyalty Group consultants are highly valued by both us and our dealers.
Results and the accompanying advisory from Loyalty Group are used in both strategy development, marketing and dealer development.”

– Jan Christian Holm, General Manager, Lexus Norway (2022)

At Mindline, we apply AutoIndex on all the educations and pieces of training where they are available to us from the NSC. Our experience from the training where it is used versus where it is not, is that there is a clear effect on the participants’ understanding of why there is a need to develop and improve the customer experience.”

– Jørgen Faddersbøl, CEO, Mindline (2022)

For Toyota Denmark, Loyalty Group’s annual AutoIndex results are probably the most important supplement to customer satisfaction analyzes and VoC.”

– Ralf K. Jensen, Senior Specialist, Toyota Denmark A/S (2021)

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